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Rejuvenate 5 to 10 years with Exilis Elite!

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After 40 years, everyone I know starts to worry about expressive little crow's feet on
their face and wonder how it will evolve with the candles to come.

We all know that aging is one of life's "issues", but we all wonder, one day or another, if it is possible to counter aging without having to caulk yourself with Botox or silicone!
The answer is yes. It is indeed possible to reduce the appearance of small wrinkles, to tone your skin, to redraw a perfect oval of your face, to give volume and suppleness to your skin.
Well, are you going to tell me that this is once again a scam? Have no fear, before offering and presenting a technology to my customers, I lend myself as a subject to ensure that the devices work and perform up to my own expectations. Honestly, I have to tell you that this time I was really flabbergasted with the results! So yes, I can confirm to you that it is now possible to step back in time and feel like we are once again in our own youth.


The solution: radiofrequency - Painless, safe and without injections.

Exilis Elite is a device that stimulates the production of collagen, which has the effect of improving the texture and firmness of the skin on the face by radio frequency technology driven by ultra sound.

In fact, our "youthfulness" is directly stimulated and the sponge layer of our skin returns to its original shape automatically, without any burning, sanding or damage to the surface layer of the skin.

Here are some benefits and properties of Exilis Elite:

  • The ultra sound pushes the energy into the skin and the radio frequency does its job of bringing the skin structures back to life;
  • The areas most often treated are, among others, the contour of the eyes and the mouth, the oval of the face, the neck and the décolleté;
  • The results are visible from the first session and continue to improve for three months after the end of the treatment.
  • Wrinkles and fine lines are reduced and the skin is firmed;
  • Allows you to reshape and rejuvenate your face for 5 to 10 years; 
  • Provides lasting and measurable results;
  • The penetration of ultrasound into the dermis of the skin causes a rise in temperature of the latter so as to stimulate the production of collagen; 
  • Only 100% safe patented device;
  • Offers in a single session, firming of the face and neck.

Here I am!


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