Coloring Kit
BABYLISS PRO coloring kit Includes 1 bowl with handle and non-slip base, 1 large coloring brush and 1 small coloring brush, 2 hair clips for sectioning. Packaged in a reusable plastic pouch with zipper.
$ 15.99
Large Coloring Brush with Metal Shaft
BABYLISS PRO Wide Metal Shaft Coloring Brush Firm nylon bristles, Convenient metal shaft for parting hair, Non-slip rubberized comfort grip. 2" 5/16 in width.
$ 5.00
Disposable Balayage Caps
Box of 5 caps, Hook included The BABYLISS PRO disposable sweeping caps are easy to use and allow you to carry out sweeping or highlights at home without mess. Lined, Pre-defined holes, Anti-spill construction provided with a...
$ 19.95
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