MISENCIL - Eye and face make-up remover
MISENCIL - Eye and Face Makeup Remover High performance makeup remover with apple stem cells. Its formula with a complex of natural ingredients gently removes make-up. Suitable for eyelash extensions. • Gently cleanses and purifies • Nourishes existing lashes...
CLAYTON SHAGAL - Cleansing Milk
CLAYTON SHAGAL - Cleansing Milk This milk gently removes make-up and cleanses the skin. The formula composed of cocoa butter, vitamin E and glycerin is suitable for irritated and dehydrated skin. The creamy texture leaves none...
Bond Enforcing Color Remover
Duo of 30 g sachets Schwarzkopf's BOND ENFORCING COLOR REMOVER has the ideal consistency for application. It allows you to reset the color history and the integrated FibreBond Technology protects and strengthens the hair fiber preparing it for a...
MISENCIL - Reusable make-up remover macaroons
MISENCIL - Reusable make-up remover macarons THE ESSENTIAL COMPLEMENT TO MAKE-UP REMOVER & SHAMPOO Dry pads to be used with Misencil® make-up remover for gentle cleansing. The only ones designed for eyelash extensions and eyelashes...
Cleansing milk - Yonka
From $19.00
Cleansing milk - Yonka
CLEANSER - FACE - EYE MAKE-UP REMOVER Appreciated for its smoothness, it removes make-up from the face, eyelids and eyelashes in a single gesture. • removes all traces of make-up, • leaves the complexion clean and satiny, • brings comfort and softness to the skin. Ingredients...
From $19.00
Salerm Color Reverse Makeup Remover
Duo of 200 ml bottles SALERM COLOR REVERSE make-up remover softens and removes artificial pigments from the hair without affecting the natural color. Thanks to its composition which forms a gel, Color Reverse eliminates pigments from the hair...
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