Reversa Clock - Youth Perfecting Cream 50g - Pur Dharma
• Improves skin elasticity and tone • Powerful antioxidants • Contains natural hyaluronic acid • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles Ingredients from organic farming. TEXTURE: light and smooth cream
$ 99.90
Optilifta - Eye Time Controller 15g - Pur Dharma
Hydration and smoothing of expression wrinkles (crow's feet) Ultra-hydrating light cream Protects against free radicals Properties similar to those of Botox powerful anti-wrinkle and anti-inflammatory effect Ingredients from organic farming. TEXTURE: smooth cream, fine and light.
$ 72.90
Smootha Cell Divine and silky body oil 250ml - Pur Dharma
For all skin types. After shaving or waxing Protects, relieves and soothes Healing and calming gel Anti-inflammatory Divine and silky dry oil for the body | For dehydrated skin TEXTURE: soft and light fluid. Ingredients from agriculture...
$ 49.90
Calma Gel - Ultra moisturizing soothing gel 250ml - Pur Dharma
For all skin types Ingredients from organic farming. After shaving or hair removal Protects, relieves and soothes Healing and soothing gel Anti-inflammatory
$ 67.90
Pure Joy - Supreme Elixir Serum 30ml - Pur Dharma
Antioxidant Soothing Anti-inflammatory Prevents visible signs of aging Improves complexion Ingredients from organic farming. TEXTURE: Soft and light fluid.
$ 89.90
Correcta Skin - Sensitive and/or reactive skin cream 50g - Pur Dharma
Daily treatment for sensitive skin Light and moisturizing cream INDICATIONS: • Nourishes• Soothes• Powerful antibacterial• Softens the skinTEXTURE: light cream.
$ 88.90
Maskfolia - Exfoliator/mask 2 in 1 with bamboo extract and Manicouaga clay 60g - Pur Dharma
The vegan and organic Manicouagan clay mask dries in less than 5 minutes, eliminating the impurities that accumulate in order to revive dull skin. The skin becomes immediately and incredibly soft with a feeling of freshness....
$ 67.90
Smootha Skin - Purifying foam with organic green tea and activated charcoal 150ml - Pur Dharma
Smootha Skin Purifying Foam with Organic Green Tea and Activated Charcoal Detoxifies, Deep Cleanses, Stimulates Microcirculation, Delicate Peppermint Scent.
$ 45.90
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