Carolann Turcotte

Carolann Turcotte


Passionate about hairdressing, Carolann joined the 53 Karat team in early 2019. She has many skills and is dedicated to a most promising future since she is a perfectionist, go-getter and never stops learning new techniques that she makes sure to personalize with the sole aim of creating the most beautiful looks for you.

Positive, endearing and sociable, she loves to chat with her clientele, whether young or old. Hairdressing is at the center of her life and she intends to make a very long career out of it.

For Carolann, the key to success lies in problem solving. For her, nothing is impossible and there are only solutions! Big head changes do not scare her, she will be able to support you over the years and in each of your hair adventures.

His main motivation is to see that the person sitting in his chair leaves the living room satisfied, happy and with the most beautiful of smiles.

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