Elodie Jolivette

Elodie Jolivette

Esthetician / Laser Technician

Certified beautician since 2014, Élodie joined the 53 Karat team in March 2019. Accumulating certifications, she specializes in all facial care services such as basic and specific facials, mircodermabrasion and microneedling. . Regular and 2D eyelashes, waxing and finally fat destruction and body firming treatments with Exilis Elite and Vanquish Me devices are also part of the services that Élodie can offer you.

Of a gentle and calm nature, Élodie immediately puts her many clients at ease. She always takes the time to listen carefully to her clients, which allows her to respond individually to the specific needs of each of them.

Élodie is also happy to help and support you in the maintenance of your skin and your body at home while advising you adequately on the use of her favorite range, which is without a doubt, the darling range. of Élodie, Clayton Shagal products. The products of this are made of concentrates in elastin and collagen, in addition to having the characteristic of adapting to all skin types and containing no oil.

Élodie's priority is to make her clients happy, both through the care she lavishes on them and through her excellent advice.

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