Marie-Eve Moreau

Marie-Eve Moreau

Master stylist

Marie-Ève ​​has been part of the show's team for many years. It is possible that you have met her less often in recent years since she is a great traveler and she traveled the world with her spouse at the time.

Of bohemian nature, and now a yoga teacher, she also participates in many retreats in this discipline. Marie-Ève ​​knows how to be calm and zen, which makes her an excellent hairdresser who is constantly attentive to your needs!

Marie-Ève ​​is an accomplished hairdresser who will please you whatever your request. She loves art and even does workshops everywhere no matter where she is on the planet.

Marie-Ève ​​is a refreshing person who is good for the soul.

Since she is rarely in Quebec and she divides her time between the salon and yoga, actively follow our Facebook page, during her visits to us her availability is always displayed.

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