MEDAVITA - Anti-Hair Loss Duo for Women


MEDAVITA - Anti-Hair Loss Duo for Women

Thanks to the action of functional plant extracts of Yarrow, Coltsfoot and Cinchona, which promote oxygenation and metabolic exchanges, this shampoo prevents the weakening and loss of hair. The rich complex of functional plant substances contributes to strengthening the anchoring system of the hair to the follicle, allowing the ideal trophism of the bulb in its vital growth phase.
The hair becomes easy to comb, supple, luminous and holds the styling well.

Anti-hair loss care, coadjuvant in the prevention of hair loss.

Coadjuvant anti-hair loss intensive care in the prevention of hair loss, exclusive specialty of Medavita Laboratories.

Especially indicated for atonic scalps and with slowed microcirculation, exercising a preventive action against hair loss or with a treating action if the hair loss is already in progress.

For any request for information or additional questions on hair loss/hair loss treatments, do not hesitate to contact your Ève specialist who will be able to make you benefit from all his expertise by taking care to answer you thoroughly and with pleasure.

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Customer Reviews

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Yolande Gregoire
Very happy

I received my order of MEDAVITA shampoo and lotion just 4 days after ordering it. I am very satisfied with the servive.

Great! Thank you Team 53 Karat

Michele Hince

I am very satisfied thank you very much

It makes us happy, thank you for this comment, we appreciate it!

Lyne Hamelin
Too early to say

The order arrived very quickly which is very pleasant but I tried the product last night so it only worked last night, It smells good… Here it is

Johanne Lacourse

I'm satisfied

Marie-Pierre H.
Great service

Thank you for being quick. Professional and courteous service. Looking forward to seeing the results.

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