CLAYTON SHAGAL - Elastin Serum Concentrate


CLAYTON SHAGAL - Elastin Serum Concentrate

The gel from the Clayton Shagal range is mainly composed of pure elastin concentrated at 10% which rebuilds and lifts the skin (40 years and over), since it stimulates the formation of new elastin fibrils (improved tone and elasticity of the skin). In addition, elastin will reduce inflammation and redness, normalize oily and intoxicated skin, then strengthen the skin.

  • Treats premature skin aging, mature or dehydrated skin
  • Powerful anti-aging agent (reduction of fine lines and wrinkles)
  • Natural collagen supplement
  • Prevents and reduces stretch marks
  • Provides the skin with a significant supply of elastin
  • Fortifies existing elastin fibers necessary for balance, elasticity and hydration of the deep layers of the skin
  • Preserves and stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin in the dermis
  • Regulates the production of sebum while preserving hydration in the superficial layers of the skin
  • Tightens the ostia (skin pores)
  • Prevents and reduces the formation of blackheads
  • Reduces shine due to excess sebum
  • Restores balance, suppleness and elasticity to the skin
  • Improves the water retention capacity of the skin
  • Regenerates and deeply hydrates the skin
  • Soothes and reduces skin irritation, inflammation and redness
  • Accelerates skin recovery from burns, wounds or after a session of chemical peeling, micro dermabrasion or laser
  • Increases the lipid elasticity of the skin
  • Fortifies the structure of the skin to increase its density
  • Regularizes and unifies dull and uneven complexion
  • Revives the radiance and luminosity of the complexion
  • Tones, firms and revitalizes the epidermis

Visible results in just 8 days

Available in 30ml format.

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