PULPRIOT - Semi-permanent coloring

$ 19.95
Color *
Original Velvet
Original Smoke
Original Lilac
Original Blush
Original Nightfall
Original Cupid
Original Powder
Original Lemon
Original Seaglass
Original fireball
Original Absinthe
Original Black
Original Jam
Original Mercury
Original Aquatic
Neon Electric Area 51
Neon Electric Candy
Neon Electric Blue Muse
Neon Electric Lava
Neon Electric Firefly
Raven Aftermath
Raven Cleopatra
Raven Countess
Raven Nemesis
Raven Nevermore
Neon Pop Tragic
Neon Pop Deviant
Neon Pop Satire
Neon Pop Nuclear
Neon Pop Decoy
Fantasy Elixir
Fantasy Pyro
Fantasy Guardian
Fantasy Sorcery
Elemental Fly Trap
Elemental Desert Sky
Elemental Sandstorm
Elemental Ghostblood
$ 19.95

PULPRIOT - Semi-permanent coloring

A direct semi-permanent hair color that allows artists to create color masterpieces.


  • Pulp Riot is easier to apply, more dynamic, lasts longer and blends better.
  • For shinier, more authentic color results, apply to pre-lightened hair.
  • The shades can all be mixed together to create custom colors.
  • "Clear" can be used to dilute colors to make them lighter or pastel and Black (black) can be added to other colors to make them darker
  • The "Neon Shades" glow in the dark with UV lighting.

Vibrant, pastel semi-permanent colors that are easier to apply, more vibrant, last longer and blend better.

Hair Types: For pre-lightened hair.

Available in 118ml format.

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