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How to control yellow pigmentation when coloring your hair

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Controlling Yellow and Orange Hair Pigmentation When Coloring at Home - A Practical Guide

Yellow and orange hair pigmentation can be a challenge when coloring at home, but don't worry, we've got the essential tips to help you achieve the result you want. I strongly advise you to always take professional coloring. On my site you have a wide choice of ranges which are all excellent but different! So don't hesitate to consult my team or me to feel super confident! Good to the grave in the heart of the matter; no thank you yellow or orange!!!!

1. Understand the cause: The yellow and orange pigmentation of the hair is due to the presence of pigments in the cortex of the hair, it is like small colored hair bones. Understanding this cause is key to choosing the best staining approach. Listen to my video to learn more!

2. Shade choice: Opt for a coloring shade that neutralizes yellow and orange tones. Ash or violet shades are ideal for neutralizing these unwanted pigments. But be careful, it's all in the dosage!

3. In case of hard water deposit which gives yellow and orange reflections, one must purify before coloring!!! Before proceeding with coloring, wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo to remove residues and impurities that could alter the result of the coloring.

4. Using a toner: If you find that your hair is still yellow or orange after coloring, you can use a specially formulated toner to remove these unwanted pigments. Apply as directed by your 53 karat stylist. A toner is a very soft transparency that neutralizes and closes the scales of the hair.

5. Exposure time: When applying the color, scrupulously respect the recommended exposure time. Do not leave the product on longer or less than necessary, as this may aggravate the false pigments.

6. Follow up with proper hair care: After coloring, use hair products made specifically for colored hair to maintain color and prevent unwanted pigmentation from reappearing. A good blue or purple shampoo is superb for maintaining it. Always take professional products with consulting services!

7. Consulting a professional: Our strength: ADVICE with purchases. We guide you in your purchases to ensure that you have the necessary knowledge to achieve your look! You are unique and our advice is personalized, a winning formula!

By following these tips, you will be able to control yellow and orange hair pigmentation when coloring at home. Remember to choose the right shade, prepare your hair, use a toner if necessary, respect the exposure time and take care of your hair with suitable products.

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