Laser epilation

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Say goodbye to unwanted hair! No matter what method of hair removal you are currently using, nothing is more satisfying than a permanent solution. For results that last over time, treat yourself to laser hair removal in Gatineau.

Benefits of laser hair removal at 53 Karat:
  • Accredited technician;
  • Light Sheer technology;
  • Fast and efficient treatment;
  • Treatment available for all areas of the body;
  • Effectively treats most skin, hair and hair types;
  • Impressive result.


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At 53 Karat, the laser hair removal technicians have very high quality accredited training. This course extends over 30 hours. The salon technicians have basic training in aesthetics, electrolysis, nursing or biology.

Ève Parr is the head trainer of the 53 Karat center. She is accredited by the insurance company Gaucher et Robert to train the members of her team in laser hair removal. It also teams up with the Estétik Laser training center in Montreal.

Laser post-epilation and pre-epilation products are used with each treatment to reduce redness and minimize puffiness. We also have all the products needed to maximize hydration and help rebalance the skin.

Our laser hair removal methods

At 53 Karat salon, we have studied several methods of laser hair removal so that we can be permanently freed from unwanted hair. To achieve this, we use Light Sheer technology, which allows all areas of the body to be treated quickly and effectively, with minimal discomfort.

This device, approved by Health Canada, is regularly inspected by Clarion Medical Technologies and can effectively treat most skin types, as well as most hair and hair colors. Regardless of the diameter and depth of a hair's root, Light Sheer technology delivers an impressive result.

We suggest an interval of seven to eight weeks between laser hair removal treatments. The results vary according to the color of the hair, the color of the skin as well as the assiduity of respecting the appointments. In general, 7 or 8 laser hair removal treatments are enough to permanently remove 75 to 80% of hair from a treated area.