Permanent makeup

Whether for a natural look or for a more made-up effect, permanent make-up has the wind in its sails. For results that last, treat yourself to permanent makeup in Gatineau.

Benefits of permanent makeup
  • Accredited technician;
  • Time saved on a daily basis;
  • No need to buy many cosmetics anymore;
  • Natural and lasting result
  • Effective in correcting small defects;
  • Impressive result lasting 3 to 5 years.


Permanent makeup is a form of tattooing done painstakingly using a stylus with ultra-fine needles that penetrate the first outer layer of the epidermis, which is why it is permanent for 3-5 years.

This technique makes it possible to redraw sparse eyebrows to restructure the top of a face, to shape lips that are too thin to make them fuller and more luminous, to outline the eyes to intensify the gaze and give the illusion of fuller eyelashes, to add a naughty look to your little face with a little strategically placed mole.

Dermography can also be used to correct certain facial asymmetries, vitiligo, baldness, alopecia and is a solid ally in breast reconstruction.
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