Redefine your experience

53 Karat is a trendy salon that shines brightly for its customers! From your first visit, the uniqueness of the place will impress you. Do you know of several beauty salons where they serve you tea, coffee and even a glass of wine in the evening?

Well, that's the case at the 53 Karat Lounge! To stand out, know that we want to do much more than follow fashions. Indeed, it is our customers who impose the trends, and this, thanks to our professionals. Depending on the characteristics and morphology of each, we will find what suits you best. Each member of our team is dedicated to providing you with unique care in a relaxed atmosphere.

Please note that only certified professionals provide the services of the 53 Karat salon. Rigorous training is subject to each of our hairdressing professionals. We set standards for our staff because we know our customers deserve the best.


I am the coach who is there to advise you in your coloring, weight loss and health optimization projects. Need advice? Take a consultation with me, it's completely free!


Where, when, how did I come to want to take care of women? I have a fascination with female development. A woman who feels beautiful and good about herself can change the world if she wants to. Everything happens in trust and esteem. My vocation is to offer simple and effective solutions to provide dignity and esteem to women who want to lead meaningful lives.


Okay, where do we start!
I am constantly in training and development. Every day I study human biology, beauty and personal growth. I have always chosen the best coaches for me, to develop and above all... Don't repeat a bunch of stupid things that aren't true!

Master Stylist

Years of experience and knowledge, it does not fall from the sky! I have taken the opportunity over time to travel to England, LA and New York, to make sure that I have a head full of ideas and to take the best advice to give my clients a head worthy of the stars of Hollywood. Now, I can proudly say that I'm the one training the hairdressers, stylists and colorists of tomorrow, yeahh!

Aging is optional

Beautician specializing in anti-aging treatments, I went to get this in Paris, so let's see! Set make-up artist, directly on the TV sets with the old ones from the day before. Oh yes I worked with the stars, but there's nothing better than the real world! Medical esthetician, it was BTL with its doctors from Texas who showed me this. It's fascinating to sculpt bodies and take years off people's faces... My hobby!

All healthy

Trained as a naturopath surrounded by the best, that's what makes me the coach you need! Do you want biology? En vla! The Pro-Amino and Vachon laboratories are the ones who ensure that I can offer you the best. The icing on the sunday, I can now offer you my own knowledge and expertise through my personalized health cures. It is to be discovered!


The magic of being digitized: Having the chance to reach and inform those interested in health and beauty via the web! It is a dream that I realize to finally share all my knowledge and knowledge! One to one is good, but one to a million is even better! The woman is my universe, I want to make visible her beauty, her wisdom, her strength because that's what SHE IS. Sometimes buried under gray or fat, but I'll take care of that!