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Black Gold Blow Dryer Brush - Hot Tools
HOT TOOLS - Black Gold Blow Dryer Brush For all hair types - Available in 2 sizes (3 and 4 inches) Information: This device will allow you to achieve a smooth and full body style like in the salon! The...
$ 124.99 $ 99.99
COMPLEXE 5 stimulating plant concentrate Cure strength and beauty 50ml- René Furterer
TONES THE SCALP TO GIVE STRENGTH AND BEAUTY TO YOUR HAIR. Reveal all the strength and beauty of your hair with the COMPLEXE 5 plant concentrate. This cult treatment rich in warm essential oils of lavender and orange...
$ 53.99
KARITÉ NUTRI intense nourishing mask - René Furterer
Concentrated in Ethical* Shea oil and butter, a mythical natural active ingredient, and enriched with repairing agents, Shea Nutri Intense Nutrition Mask offers an exceptional source of nutrition for very dry, damaged hair. Filled with precious quince pectins with...
From $ 33.99
NOVA PHARMA - TRIO Supplements Jujubes DODO, ZEN and OXIA
NOVA PHARMA - TRIO Supplements Jujubes DODO, ZEN and OXIA Drop the granules and take your gummies! DODO: We all know that sleep is important for our health and well-being. It helps us stay alert and...
$ 68.99 $ 59.99
5 SENS sublimating dry oil - René Furterer
A precious alchemy of 5 oils of natural origin, this sublimating dry oil embodies René Furterer's botanical expertise. It brings nutrition and protection to the hair, for supple and shiny hair. Applied on the body, it hydrates and sublimates the skin...
From $ 43.99
ABSOLUE KÉRATINE repairing cream without rinsing 100ml - René Furterer
The repetition of aggressive techniques (colouring, straightening, blow-drying, etc.) deeply damages and weakens the hair, which becomes brittle, rough and dull. The "Renaissance Cure", Absolue Keratine, sip of 3 restructuring active ingredients of natural origin, breathes new life into the hair. The...
$ 51.99
CLAYTON SHAGAL - Gel Plus Promotional Duo
CLAYTON SHAGAL - Gel Plus Promotional Duo For a limited time, take advantage of this great promo from Clayton Shagal. Choose your favorite products! COLLAGEN PLUS GEL: Collagen Plus gel deeply hydrates and revitalizes thanks to the...
$ 115.99 From $ 92.99
CLAYTON SHAGAL - Cleansing Gel Lotion
CLAYTON SHAGAL - Cleansing gel lotion This gel cleanses, tones, removes make-up in addition to being an excellent shaving gel. The alcohol-free formula effectively removes impurities from the face, neck and eyes. The skin is refreshed, soothed...
From $ 41.99
Illuminating Cream 50ml - Clayton Shagal
Effective and innovative blend of proteins and moisturizers that acts as a protective shield against the skin's daily external aggressions. BENEFITS Stimulates cellular regeneration of heat shock proteins (keratin and filaggrin) of the skin Fortifies the...
$ 89.99
Collagen Gel 50ml - Clayton Shagal
Collagen Gel is a hydrating, preventative and rejuvenating gel designed for ages 35 and under.Prevent aging and fight its effects with 99% pure non-hydrolyzed acid-soluble Collagen5% collagen concentrationBENEFITS Provides to the skin ...
$ 69.99
Elastin Gel 50ml - Clayton Shagal
Elastin Gel is a preventive formula for healthy and supple skin: ideal when the first lines and wrinkles appear. An essential complement to the balance of young, sensitive or oily skin. 5% concentration of elastin BENEFITS: Natural complement to collagen...
$ 69.99
KARITÉ professional shine hydration shampoo 600ml - René Furterer
Shea Hydra Shine Hydration Shampoo offers intense hydration to dry hair, thanks to Shea, a mythical natural active ingredient. The hydrolipidic film is reinforced for optimal protection of the hair and scalp. Its formula, with a delicate fragrance,...
$ 67.99
ABSOLUE KÉRATINE ultimate repair mask for normal to fine hair - René Furterer
Specifically developed for normal to fine hair, this captivatingly scented mask intensely repairs damaged and weakened hair. Repaired and magnified, the hair seems to regain its original beauty. From the first application, the hair is detangled, sheathed, soft...
From $ 44.99
Curling iron Bybyliss PRO Nano Titanium - Babyliss
BaByliss PRO Nano Titanium Curling Iron For the waves of the future, choose Nano Titanium! These irons are designed with advanced technology to create textured curls and waves. Nano titanium is a conductor of heat...
$ 99.99 $ 79.99
RENÉ FURTERER - NEOPUR Anti-dandruff shampoo balancing dry dandruff
This balancing anti-dandruff shampoo formulated for frequent use normalizes and hydrates the scalp while promoting a balanced microbiome. Thanks to its gentle cleansing formula with patented extracts of Celery and Wild Ginger 100% of natural origin, the...
From $ 33.99
Hyaluronic acid self-tanning serum - Nuda
NUDA - Hyaluronic Acid Self-Tanning Serum Upgrade your skincare routine with our new Hyaluronic Acid Self-Tanning Serum! A gradual, ultra-hydrating self-tanning serum formulated for daily use. Enriched with antioxidants and vitamin E, our...
$ 59.99
Glow Set - Nuda
$ 106.99 $ 96.99
Glow Set - Nuda
NUDA - Glow Set Achieve a flawless, natural-looking complexion with our velvety, weightless Self-Tanning Mousse. Easy to apply, it dries quickly and provides an even complexion with each application. Enriched with extracts of coconut, cucumber, mango...
$ 106.99 $ 96.99
Adipoderm anti-cellulite cream 250ml - Clayton Shagal
Adipoderm anti-cellulite cream - Clayton Shagal Body treatment - Anti-cellulite Detoxifying to reduce cellulite, edema and heavy leg syndrome Blend of stimulating and decongestant essential oils to activate and facilitate body drainage Benefits of essential oils:...
$ 89.99
Self-tanning mousse - Nuda
From $ 49.99
Self-tanning mousse - Nuda
Medium: Achieve a flawless, natural-looking complexion with our velvety, weightless Self-Tanning Mousse. Easy to apply, it dries quickly and provides an even complexion with each application. This mousse will leave your skin glowing, soft and hydrated. The middle shade is...
From $ 49.99
Elastin Plus Gel 50ml - Clayton Shagal
Discover the natural complement to collagen with Clayton Shagal's Elastin… Since it intertwines with collagen fibres, elastin is essential for maintaining the hydration of the tissues of the skin's structure. ​Mature, dehydrated skin can become firm again...
$ 104.99
KARITÉ HYDRA professional shine hydration mask 250ml - René Furterer
The Shea Hydra shine hydration mask intensely rehydrates dry, weakened hair, thanks to Shea, a mythical natural active ingredient, combined with a restructuring complex. The hydrolipidic film is reinforced for optimal and lasting protection of the hair. Its creamy texture...
$ 63.99
ASTERA FRESH soothing freshness concentrate 50ml - René Furterer
DESCRIPTION: Drawing on the benefits of mint and eucalyptus essential oils, the soothing freshness concentrate enriched with natural Asteraceae extract instantly soothes the scalp for lasting comfort. During a relaxing massage, this treatment provides...
$ 53.99
CLAYTON SHAGAL - Purifying cleansing gel
CLAYTON SHAGAL - Purifying cleansing gel BENEFITS: Deeply cleanses the skin and removes impurities Tightens and dislodges dirt and sebum from the ostia (skin pores) Regulates excessive sebum secretion without causing a...
From $ 45.99
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