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The discovery box, 100% personalized, is specially designed to promote rapid weight loss. Get 8 products for the price of 7.

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Beautiful hair grows from a healthy scalp, just like a plant from fertile soil. - René Furterer, 60 years of hair expertise

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Healthy supplements for a healthy life, this is the philosophy of Nova Pharma. Treat your body to the best.


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NOVA PHARMA - Marine collagen and hyaluronic acid
NOVA PHARMA - Marine Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid Get healthy and hydrated skin with the new Marine Collagen from Nova Pharma. It is made up of collagen peptides and hyaluronic acid which are both essential for maintaining elasticity...
$ 39.99
INOVACURE - Protein Wafer
INOVACURE - PEANUT protein wafer: Box of 7 wafers - 7 X 46g INOVACURE peanut protein wafers. Ingredients: Peanut Flavor Coating (Maltitol, Palm Kernel Oil, Palm Oil, Partially Defatted Peanut Flour, Whey Protein Isolate, Powder...
$ 19.99
NOVA PHARMA - TRIO Supplements Jujubes DODO, ZEN and OXIA
NOVA PHARMA - TRIO Supplements Jujubes DODO, ZEN and OXIA Drop the granules and take your gummies! DODO: We all know that sleep is important for our health and well-being. It helps us stay alert and...
$ 68.97 $ 59.99
Chocolate hazelnut spread 312g - NutiLight
Available in 2 flavors either: dark chocolate milk chocolate NutiLight contains 0 sugar, it is a low carb nut spread, sweetened with stevia and xylitol. You can finally enhance your keto bread, your desserts or...
$ 10.99
NOVA PHARMA - HYDRAMINO EAA, carnitine and electrolyte supplement
NOVA PHARMA - HYDRAMINO EAA supplement, carnitine and electrolytes Training supplement. Sports support. Source of essential amino acids for the maintenance of health. Helps build muscle mass/lean muscle tissue when used in conjunction with regular training (by weight/by...
$ 44.99
NOVA PHARMA - MULTI FEMME Multi-vitamin Even healthier, one day at a time! To maintain good health, take a total of 3 capsules daily (1 per meal). Nova Pharma is proud to introduce the new formula of...
$ 34.99
NOVA PHARMA - Organic vegetable protein
NOVA PHARMA - Organic vegetable protein Opt for an organic vegetable protein supplement! THE ALL NEW VEGGIE PROTEIN OPTIMAL ALL-IN-ONE FORMULA - MEAL REPLACEMENT. 1 to 2 servings per day - take in the morning or after training Choose...
$ 49.99
NOVA PHARMA - Greens & Berries supplement
NOVA PHARMA - Greens & Berries supplement Green and red superfood supplement. Portions of powdered vegetables. Available in 5 delicious flavors. Format of 30 servings. 1 serving per day - in the morning Forget what you know about...
$ 39.99
HEALTH WISE - Peanut Butter Protein Bars
HEALTH WISE - Peanut Butter Protein Bars 170 calories 15g protein 8g fat 1g fiber 6g sugars 95mg sodium Seven individual bars per box.
$ 23.99
HEALTH WISE - Crunchy Caramel Protein Bars
HEALTH WISE - Caramel Crunch Protein Bars 170 calories 15g protein 5.5g fat 2g fiber 8g sugars 100mg sodium Seven individual bars per box.
$ 23.99

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KENRA - Kenra Platinum Trio Luxe Shine
KENRA GIFT SET. The perfect gift for you or your loved ones. For a limited time. This set contains: Luxe Shampoo (10.1oz) Luxe Conditioner (10.1oz) Blow Dry (6.8oz) Luxe Shampoo: NEW Kenra Platinum LUXE shine system! Luxury...
$ 69.34 $ 52.00
PROMO TRIO Professional flat iron SteamPod 3.0 - L'Oréal
The era of the new Steampod has sounded, discover the brand new steam straightener version 3.0! The professional 2-in-1 straightener allows you to achieve perfect straightening or glamorous waves without damaging the hair. With a sleek and sober white design...
$ 424.00 $ 375.00
PROMO Absolute Keratin - René Furterer
Ideal for you or to give as a gift. This box includes: Absolute Keratin Repair Shampoo: Thanks to its gentle formula*, this shampoo-care, with a delicately scented melting texture, gently cleanses while repairing damaged hair and...
$ 134.29 $ 94.00
HOT TOOLS - Black Gold Blow Dryer Brush
$ 159.00 From $ 109.99
HOT TOOLS - Black Gold Blow Dryer Brush
HOT TOOLS - Black Gold Blow Dryer Brush For all hair types - Available in 2 sizes (3 and 4 inches) Information: This device will allow you to achieve a smooth and full body style like in the salon! The...
$ 159.00 From $ 109.99
Micellar water - Yonka
From $ 19.00
Micellar water - Yonka
CLEANSING - MAKE-UP REMOVER FACE - EYES - LIPS This "intelligent" cleansing water contains expert make-up removers. Thanks to its micellar technology, it gently captures impurities and allows perfect make-up removal from the face, eyes and...
From $ 19.00
Collagen Plus Gel 50ml - Clayton Shagal
Collagen Plus Gel...An anti-aging solution designed to delay the aging of mature, dehydrated or damaged skin. Give your skin what it needs to regain its youthful and vitality. repairer and regeneratorThe...
$ 105.00
Self-tanning face water 75ml - Nuda
A refreshing, light and transparent self-tanning face water enriched with Aloe Vera, white tea extract, cucumber extract, rosehip extract, chamomile extract, as well as vitamins A, C and E to promote the maintenance of a...
$ 40.00
Volumizing G.Wave hair extension - Gaël Betts
A hair dream is now possible regardless of the type of head or hair. Our G.Wave Volumizer is a revolutionary concept and comes in six base colors and four lengths. This 100% human hair of Remy quality...
From $ 320.00
Ceramic + Ion Hair Dryer - Olivia Garden
Olivia Garden introduces its first hot tool, the Ceramic + Ion Professional Hair Dryer. Designed with a powerful professional motor and advanced ionic technology, this new hair dryer offers fast drying and controlled styling. This high performance hair dryer...
$ 215.95 $ 169.95
URBAN KERATIN - Oil Lift Hair Mirror Effect
URBAN KERATIN - Oil Lift Hair Mirror effect Black oil LIFT HAIR ideal for all hair types. Also suitable for blonde/bleached or white hair. It protects against daily external aggressions by creating a protective and luminous barrier on the hair. Light...
$ 30.75



Kenra Professional develops the best innovations to achieve superior color results. No more dull colors and hello shiny hair!

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Styling tools are ubiquitous in our daily lives. The quality of brushes and heated tools is directly related to the health of your hair. Opt for professional tools.

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The skin must be nourished and treated with care to display a supple and healthy appearance. Trust proven brands to pamper your face.

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