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7 Day Weight Loss Program - Discover the Difference Quickly

Test our innovative weight loss method in 7 days! Thanks to the sachets which promote satiety and stimulate an active metabolism, you will quickly feel a noticeable difference. This program is designed to promote effective weight loss while preserving your muscle mass. Embark on this transformational adventure and see the impressive results for yourself!

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14 Day Weight Loss Program - The Favorite for Real Change

Check out our 14-day program, the most popular and my favorite for real change. This course includes personalized follow-up, coaching, and all the advice necessary to effectively begin your weight loss. It is the ideal choice for those looking for comprehensive support and a motivating start towards a healthier lifestyle.

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30 Day Weight Loss Program - The Best Value for Money

Opt for our 30-day program, offering the best value for money for your weight loss products. With this package, benefit from daily monitoring to maximize your results. It is the perfect solution for a long-term commitment, guaranteeing constant monitoring and tailor-made support to achieve your weight loss goals.

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Our weight loss boxes

Obtain a wide variety of products selected according to your box. Our products are carefully selected to offer you high-end quality.

153 recipe ideas - Protein methods

With 153 carefully selected recipes, this book offers a simple and delicious approach to combining healthy eating and our protein-focused weight loss method into your everyday life, covering everything from power breakfasts to nourishing meals, from indulgent desserts to revitalizing beverages. .

Get the recipe book with the Kilospro 14 day and 30 day offer.

Your naturopath

Trained and qualified in naturopathy, Ève Karat acquired her expertise from eminent leaders in the field of health. Over the years, she has established herself as a leading weight loss specialist and stands out as a specialist dedicated to achieving lasting results. Its commitment to overall health makes it the ideal choice for those seeking a natural and effective approach to weight loss.