Anti-cellulite treatment

Anti-cellulite treatment is a painless treatment that can be performed anywhere on the body where there are marks of cellulite. For results that last over time, treat yourself to anti-cellulite treatment in Gatineau.

Benefits of anti-cellulite treatment
  • Accredited technician;
  • Exilis Elite and Vanquish Me technology;
  • Treatment without surgery and without pain;
  • Visible and permanent results from the first treatment;
  • Treatment without convalescence;
  • Impressive results.

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Anti-cellulite treatment

The anti-cellulite treatment is a non-invasive treatment indicated for the reduction of cellulite and the improvement of the texture of the skin as well as its firming.

This device uses therapeutic vibrations, causing much stronger stimulation and allowing increased lymphatic drainage and blood supply to targeted areas providing firmer, younger looking skin and improves cellulite by improving microcirculation and blood supply. oxygen to affected areas.

This treatment without surgery and without pain produces permanent visible and satisfactory results from the first treatment.

Maintenance treatments will be advised to maintain the smooth appearance.

How is the treatment going?

The anti-cellulite treatment is very similar to the fat destruction treatment, the difference lies in the depth of the treatment.

For this treatment, we combine the vibrator, the Vaquish Me and finally the Exilis Elite.

We always start with a small vibrator session, which aims to dislodge cellulite while increasing your blood circulation.

Afterwards, we use the Vanquish Me device to expel the fat already softened by the previous device, which will reduce the circumference of the area to be treated.

Finally, the Exilis Elite device will destroy surface cellulite and considerably firm your skin.

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