At the 53 Karat salon, several clients have adopted waxing. Imagine having peace of mind for more than 20 days! For results that last over time, treat yourself to waxing in Gatineau.

Benefits of waxing
  • Accredited technician;
  • Hot wax: effective in getting rid of coarse hair;
  • Warm wax: removes everything, even down;
  • Sugar hair removal: ideal for sensitive areas;
  • Effective for legs, back, bikini line, armpits and face;
  • Impressive result.

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Waxing in Gatineau is a popular method because it allows you to go about your business for a few weeks without having to worry about hair reappearing in unwanted areas.

The hot wax makes it possible to dilate the pores of the skin and thus to pull out the hair more easily. We use the most effective products and try to reduce the pain associated with your hair removal. Hot wax is the most effective method for getting rid of coarse hair.

It is ideal for depilation of the legs, bikini line or armpits, and even for the face, unless the skin is thin and fragile.


Warm wax, on the other hand, removes everything, even down!

The warm wax relaxes and dilates the pores of the skin thanks to its moderate heat.

Warm wax hair removal is the option most commonly used by professionals.

Post and pre waxing products are used for each treatment to reduce the effects of redness and to maximize skin hydration.

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Sugar waxing is a gentle and natural method that is perfect for the most sensitive areas.
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