BrowEnvy eyebrow pencil - EYENVY
Give your brows a groomed look in seconds with the EyEnvy® brow pencil. Your brows will appear naturally full and well-defined thanks to the high-precision tip. This waterproof product does not fade, assuring you...
$ 21.00
BrowEnvy Definition eyebrow pencil - EYENVY
BrowEnvy™ Definition is an addition to the EyEnvy® brand that gives you the option of a water-resistant formula fine tip made to create your custom brow design, with incredible durability. The innovative formulation and airtight packaging allow...
$ 18.00
Dreamliner Waterproof Khol Pencil - EYENVY
Introducing the ultimate EyEnvy ® Dreamliner. Get the look you want with kohl, an attractive ancient ingredient that gives you the most intense color on your eyes. With its ultra-fine 1,5 mm tip,...
$ 18.00
Definition and length mascara - EYENVY
Mascara of extreme definition. EyEnvy® Define mascara is designed to help create the perfect fanned-out look with just one coat. The brush's unique short fibers and slightly sharpened tip can help achieve...
$ 20.00
Intense Revitalizing Mascara 6ml - EYENVY
WHY CHOOSE EYENVY REVITALIZING MASCARA? EyEnvy™ Conditioning Mascara will make your lashes the envy of every woman! Heal, revitalize and volumize all at once! The EyEnvy™ formula enriched with Myristoyl Pentapeptide-17, a...
$ 29.00
Define black liquid eyeliner - EYENVY
WHY CHOOSE EYE DEFINE? EyE Define is the latest trend for creating the perfect black line. EyE Define is an impressive black liquid eyeliner. The gravity of the EyE Define offers effortless handling and its water-resistant formula...
$ 22.00
Collagen Serum Concentrate 30ml - Clayton Shagal
FOR WHO: For mature and dehydrated skin BENEFITS: Treats premature skin aging, mature or dehydrated skin Powerful anti-aging agent that significantly reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles Provides the skin with a significant...
$ 149.00
Smootha Cell Divine and silky body oil 250ml - Pur Dharma
For all skin types. After shaving or waxing Protects, relieves and soothes Healing and calming gel Anti-inflammatory Divine and silky dry oil for the body | For dehydrated skin TEXTURE: soft and light fluid. Ingredients from agriculture...
$ 49.90
Calma Gel - Ultra moisturizing soothing gel 250ml - Pur Dharma
For all skin types Ingredients from organic farming. After shaving or hair removal Protects, relieves and soothes Healing and soothing gel Anti-inflammatory
$ 67.90
Pure Joy - Supreme Elixir Serum 30ml - Pur Dharma
Antioxidant Soothing Anti-inflammatory Prevents visible signs of aging Improves complexion Ingredients from organic farming. TEXTURE: Soft and light fluid.
$ 89.90
Reversa Clock - Youth Perfecting Cream 50g - Pur Dharma
• Improves skin elasticity and tone • Powerful antioxidants • Contains natural hyaluronic acid • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles Ingredients from organic farming. TEXTURE: light and smooth cream
$ 99.90
Correcta Skin - Sensitive and/or reactive skin cream 50g - Pur Dharma
Daily treatment for sensitive skin Light and moisturizing cream INDICATIONS: • Nourishes• Soothes• Powerful antibacterial• Softens the skinTEXTURE: light cream.
$ 88.90
Optilifta - Eye Time Controller 15g - Pur Dharma
Hydration and smoothing of expression wrinkles (crow's feet) Ultra-hydrating light cream Protects against free radicals Properties similar to those of Botox powerful anti-wrinkle and anti-inflammatory effect Ingredients from organic farming. TEXTURE: smooth cream, fine and light.
$ 72.90
Maskfolia - Exfoliator/mask 2 in 1 with bamboo extract and Manicouaga clay 60g - Pur Dharma
The vegan and organic Manicouagan clay mask dries in less than 5 minutes, eliminating the impurities that accumulate in order to revive dull skin. The skin becomes immediately and incredibly soft with a feeling of freshness....
$ 67.90
Smootha Skin - Purifying foam with organic green tea and activated charcoal 150ml - Pur Dharma
Smootha Skin Purifying Foam with Organic Green Tea and Activated Charcoal Detoxifies, Deep Cleanses, Stimulates Microcirculation, Delicate Peppermint Scent.
$ 45.90
Mokaccino Mud Mask 70ml - Clayton Shagal
DESIGNED FOR: 100% delicious for your senses and your skin! BENEFITS: Powerful antioxidant properties that protect the skin from harmful free radicals. Brightens skin tone and minimizes the appearance of blemishes and even...
$ 55.00
AHA Exfoliating Mask 60ml - Clayton Shagal
DESCRIPTION This mask exfoliates without irritating to reveal an even complexion and smooth skin. The formula is particularly suitable for mature and sensitive skin since it helps regenerate the cells of the epidermis to reduce pigment spots, wrinkles...
$ 46.00
Hydrating Mask 70ml - Clayton Shagal
This mask deeply hydrates thanks to ingredients such as alanine, aspartic acid and fructose. Its creamy texture softens, plumps and smoothes the skin. This treatment is suitable for sensitive, irritated and very dry skin. CHARACTERISTICS Restores the level of hydration and...
$ 46.00
Cucumber and avocado mask 50ml - Clayton Shagal
Clayton Shagal's Cucumber & Avocado Mask deeply hydrates and provides the nutrients needed for smooth, soft and supple skin. Avocado, cucumber and sweet almond oil nourish, soothe and restructure the epidermis. CHARACTERISTICS: Moisturizing mask Suitable...
$ 55.00
CLAYTON SHAGAL - Purifying cleansing gel
CLAYTON SHAGAL - Purifying cleansing gel BENEFITS: Deeply cleanses the skin and removes impurities Tightens and dislodges dirt and sebum from the ostia (skin pores) Regulates excessive sebum secretion without causing dryness...
From $ 46.00
CLAYTON SHAGAL - Cleansing Gel Lotion
CLAYTON SHAGAL - Cleansing gel lotion This gel cleanses, tones, removes make-up in addition to being an excellent shaving gel. The alcohol-free formula effectively removes impurities from the face, neck and eyes. The skin is refreshed, soothed...
From $ 42.00
CLAYTON SHAGAL - Cleansing milk
CLAYTON SHAGAL - Cleansing milk This milk gently removes make-up and cleanses the skin. The formula composed of cocoa butter, vitamin E and glycerin is suitable for irritated and dehydrated skin. The creamy texture leaves none...
From $ 42.00
Colhy Serum Concentrate 30ml - Clayton Shagal
Colhy Concentrate is a serum, a liquid concentrate that quickly hydrates and firms the skin. It encourages skin resilience and is effective for all skin types. This concentrate of Clayton Shagal produces a...
$ 170.00
Elasty Serum Concentrate 30ml - Clayton Shagal
Liquid concentrate producing an immediate tightening effect. Remarkably strengthens the elastic fibers in the deeper layers of the skin. Recommended for all skin types. Clayton Shagal's Elasty serum is used as a shock treatment for a...
$ 170.00
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