Aftershave balm for face 402 Ideal Shave 125ml - TAHE Advanced Barber
AFTERSHAVE Calms, hydrates and protects. Moisturizing and protective after-shave balm. Helps prevent skin irritation and moisturizes shaved areas which helps reduce redness. Protects skin cells from visible blue light...
Precision Shave Gel 401 Precision Gel 400ml - TAHE Advanced Barber
CLOSE SHAVE Non-foaming gel formula ideal for close shaving techniques. Allows you to shave in a visible way allowing you to “draw” specific areas. Soothes the skin by eliminating irritation.
Defining styling spray 351 Booster Spray 400ml - TAHE Advanced Barber
SHAPE FIXER Spray defining and fixing shapes, offering a strong and flexible hold. Leaves no residue Anti-humidity
Seawater hair spray 321 Eau de Mer 125ml - TAHE Advanced Barber
FREE AND SOFT LOOK Spray designed to create styles with a wet or “surf” look in an easy way. It offers a free and supple looking style and allows all day control with a very natural finish.
304 Fiber Hair Wax 100ml - TAHE Advanced Barber
STRONG AND FLEXIBLE HOLD Natural finish Provides a strong and flexible hold with a natural finish Defines, texturizes and adds thickness to the hair without weighing it down Ideal for cuts with movement Leaves no residue.
Fixing gel for hair 341 Molding Gel 300ml - TAHE Advanced Barber
IDEAL FOR SCULPTING Fixing hair gel, it perfectly defines your style. Ideal for sculpting. Brings control and shine to your hair. For maximum duration of effectiveness. Fixing level: Extra strong fixing
Matte Cream 303 Hold Matt 100ml - TAHE Advanced Barber
STRONG FIXING Consistent formula with matte effect and natural finish. offering a strong hold, this matte cream for men is ideal for creating a multitude of hairstyles on short or medium-length hair. Easy to model. Don't leave any...
Natural Wax 302 Natural Pomade 100ml - TAHE Advanced Barber
STRONG HOLD Allows you to build, shape and define any type of hair. Strong fixing wax with medium shine and flexible finish. Ideal for straight, curly and wavy hair. Leaves no residue.
Extra strong hold wax Crème Éclat 301 Wax 100ml - TAHE Advanced Barber
EXTRA STRONG HOLD Ultra shiny wax designed for all hair types. Ideal for short or medium length hair. Flexible, shiny and very versatile finish for long-lasting finishes and styles. Easily removed with shampoo....
Hair loss lotion 203 Sublime Lotion 125ml - TAHE Advanced Barber
ANTI-FALLS For daily use. Intensive double action program for thinning hair and hair loss. Enriched with Turmeric* and Omega 6*. Provides essential nutrients and helps stimulate root activity preserving hair density...
Moisturizing conditioner 202 Top conditioner 150ml - TAHE Advanced Barber
FOR HAIR AND BEARD 2 in 1 moisturizing conditioner for hair and beard. Lightweight product that disciplines, moisturizes and softens both hair and beard.
Refreshing hair mask 201 Fresh 100ml - TAHE Advanced Barber
CALMING AND REFRESHING Repairing hair mask calming and refreshing the scalp. Get softer, shinier and repaired hair. For a calm, fresh and hydrated scalp.
Progressive gray hair reducing shampoo 60ml - TAHE Advanced Barber
Gradually reduces white hair with each application. The results will be gradual, subtle and discreet. The number of gray hairs that will be eliminated will depend on the frequency of use. Natural look, for all hair colors. Frequent use of neutral PH....
White hair shampoo 104 Gray 300ml - TAHE Advanced Barber
For white, gray or highlighted hair. Gray Advanced Barber shampoo for white, gray hair or highlights. With its continued use, it eliminates unwanted yellow tones. The hair is hydrated while regaining shine, luminosity and elasticity. Can also...
Anti-hair loss shampoo 103 Sublime 300ml - TAHE Advanced Barber
All hair types. Advanced Barber Sublime anti-hair loss shampoo suitable for all hair types. Daily use. Redensifying and stimulating that helps stop hair loss. Gently cleanse respecting the natural balance of the scalp and...
Anti-dandruff shampoo 102 Fresh Shampoo 300ml - TAHE Advanced Barber
Dandruff treatment. Daily use shampoo that completely eliminates dandruff. Eliminates itchy scalp. Refreshing effect. All kinds of hair. Daily use.
Daily use shampoo 101 Fresh 300ml - TAHE Advanced Barber
Any type of hair. Fresh Advanced Barber shampoo for daily use indicated for all hair types. Cleanses, tones and refreshes the hair and scalp, providing a great feeling of well-being. Prevents premature hair loss....
MEDAVITA - Anti-Hair Loss Duo for Men
MEDAVITA - Anti-Hair Loss Care Duo for Men Thanks to the action of functional plant extracts of Yarrow, Coltsfoot and Cinchona which promote oxygenation and metabolic exchanges, this shampoo prevents hair weakening and hair loss. The rich complex of...
Beard cream for men 100ml - Yonka
This shaving treatment is very effective with the toughest beards while respecting the most sensitive skin. Soothes the skin after shaving for absolute comfort. Its plus: The purifying effect of essential oils.Essential ingredients: allantoin,...
YK After Shave Lotion 150ml - Yonka
This alcohol-free phyto-tonic lotion-spray is a first-rate ally. Full of essential oils, it soothes razor burn, instantly refreshes and energizes at any time of the day. Designed as a real treatment, Lotion YK reinforces the effectiveness...
LABORATOIRE NATURE - N.01 Complex male shampoo Terapo Médik
LABORATOIRE NATURE - N.01 Terapo Médik masculine complex shampoo Controls density. Treatment designed to purify the scalp of calcium and fat, thus promoting better hair growth. Its specific composition makes it an exclusively...
From $29.99
LABORATOIRE NATURE - N.02 Terapo Médik masculine complex lotion
LABORATOIRE NATURE - N.02 Terapo Médik masculine complex lotion Controls density. Concentrate of biological active ingredients based on African kigelia, sage and ginko biloba designed to stimulate and revitalize the scalp. Its decalcifying properties help prevent...
LABORATOIRE NATURE - N.03 Daily male shampoo Terapo Médik
LABORATOIRE NATURE - N.03 Terapo Médik Neutral men's daily shampoo. Give your hair a well-deserved break with this shampoo bursting with natural ingredients. Soft and rich in plant extracts, it adapts to all hair types thanks to...
From $19.99
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