Dermoclean Cleansing Wipe
Individual Wipe SALERM DERMOCLEAN cleansing wipes for individual use are designed to clean skin stained by dye. Easy to use, they are formulated with strong cleansing power and maximum respect for the treated dermis.
$ 0.99
Coloring Brush
KeraStraight white coloring brush *Model may vary depending on availability Available in white and black
$ 3.00
Coloring Bowl
ProAddiction white coloring bowl, with grip on the rim and measuring guide on the bottom. *The model may vary depending on availability
$ 3.00
CHI - "Vibes Colossal Waves" Multifunctional XL Wave Iron
CHI - "Vibes Colossal Waves" Multifunctional XL Wave Iron The CHI "Vibes Colossal Waves" Wave Iron features unique multi-dimensional curved plates that create both waffle-style waves and beachy waves...
$ 173.95 $ 159.00
Coloring Kit
BABYLISS PRO coloring kit Includes 1 bowl with handle and non-slip base, 1 large coloring brush and 1 small coloring brush, 2 hair clips for sectioning. Packaged in a reusable plastic pouch with zipper.
$ 15.99
Large Coloring Brush with Metal Shaft
BABYLISS PRO Wide Metal Shaft Coloring Brush Firm nylon bristles, Convenient metal shaft for parting hair, Non-slip rubberized comfort grip. 2" 5/16 in width.
$ 5.00
Disposable Balayage Caps
Box of 5 caps, Hook included The BABYLISS PRO disposable sweeping caps are easy to use and allow you to carry out sweeping or highlights at home without mess. Lined, Pre-defined holes, Anti-spill construction provided with a...
$ 19.95
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