NOVA PHARMA - Organic Vegetable Protein

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NOVA PHARMA - Organic Vegetable Protein

Opt for an organic vegetable protein supplement!


1-2 servings daily – take in the morning or after workouts

Opt for a new vegetable protein with an optimal all-in-one formula! It is the boost needed to maintain healthy lifestyle habits. First, it contains 24 grams of organic vegetable protein in each serving consumed. You will find this supplement in the form of four choices of flavors. Among these are the popular dark chocolate and the delicious sweet vanilla. You can also choose between tropical fruits or the so-called natural flavor. It is also endowed with spirulina, a superfood, and omega 3. The present probiotics and vitamins complete the whole thing to allow you to optimize your physical results and your workouts.

Spirulina has several other benefits as well. Besides being a natural source of antioxidants, it has a high protein content. It also helps you reduce your aches after training and the pain you feel. Finally, its natural bluish green color is pleasing to the eye since it adds an exotic side to your delicious smoothies.

The spirulina contained in our vegetable protein has many benefits:

Strengthens the immune system

Improves endurance and muscular resistance

Help to get a good physical shape

Control the weight

Promotes muscle development


Available in 5 flavors of 2lbs each.

Customer Reviews

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Nathalie Charbonneau
Nova pharma organic vegetable protein

I really like this product. this protein tastes great and gives me energy. I just tried chocolate but I'm looking forward to trying another flavor!! 😋

Great, we're glad you love it as much as we do. We love the vanilla flavor too! Team 53 Karat

Melanie Croteau
vegetable protein

I love the product and the taste really great its taste heaven

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