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What types of extensions are best for you?

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Here is the difference between the types of extensions offered by our specialists at 53karat. Bead-in hair extensions, also known as ring or bead extensions, involve the use of small metal or silicone beads to attach the extensions strands to natural hair. The balls are fixed to the base of the hair using a specific tool, then tightened to ensure a secure fixation. This technique is excellent in terms of comfort and you hardly see the small pearls.

Keratin hair extensions, also called hot extensions, use small strands of extensions coated with keratin, a protein naturally found in hair. The keratin melts using a hot tong and is then applied near the roots of the natural hair. The extensions are then fused with the hair while cooling. A beautiful marriage between the 2!

Hair extensions, a clip or volumizer also known as cold extensions or clip-in extensions, are strands of extensions pre-attached to clips or combs. They can be easily attached and removed by the user without the need for a professional. Habit extensions are convenient for temporary use and do not require adhesives or heat.

Sew-in extensions, also called weave extensions or sew-on extensions, involve sewing strands of extensions onto a woven base made of small braids or fabrics. This method is typically used to add volume or length to natural hair, and is commonly used in protective hairstyles.

Tape-in ​​extensions, also known as tape-in ​​or tape-in ​​extensions, are strands of hair extensions pre-attached to tape-in ​​extensions. The adhesive strips are placed near the roots of the natural hair and pressed to secure them in place. This method is known for its speed and ease of application.

Each method of applying hair extensions has specific advantages and considerations. Ball-in extensions provide secure, long-lasting attachment, but require regular maintenance to prevent hair tangles. Keratin extensions provide a more natural look, but can be more expensive and require heat for application. Habit extensions are versatile and easy to apply, but can be less durable and require frequent reinstallation. Sew-in extensions are great for protective hairstyles, but can put more stress on natural hair. Tape-in ​​extensions offer a quick and discreet application, but require regular maintenance to maintain their adhesion.

The choice of hair extension method will depend on your personal preferences, needs, budget, and comfort level with the care and handling of extensions. It is always recommended to consult a professional to choose the method best suited to your hair and your goals. Our consultations are offered free of charge with our specialists!

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