Mane trends, small wool fall 2022

Your cut, your style, your hairstyle!
  •  Cut at the shoulders, fringed in curtain and textured, we shag in volume and we put XXXL volume in your hair!
  •  The 80s, confronted with the millennium, give an intense atmosphere in the turning of heads!
  •  Whether you are wicked or tipsy, smooth or wavy, the important thing is to be accepted in the portfolio of current trends!
Your colo, your signature, your stature!
The colors are more diverse and uncensored!
  •  Do you want a deep chocolate brown that provides a mystical air?
  •  Do you want to add warmth and light in your length and ends?
  •  Do you want to flirt with blond champagnes or get drunk with cherry cognacs, caramels and spicy saffron, well dosed?
The split is all the rage, but be careful not to achieve the look of Cruella in 101 Dalmatians!
The new split requires a refinement in the choice of colors. A contrast yes, but with a subtlety in the choice of shades.
The juxtaposed hot and cold have the coast of honor right now! Be careful, take note that only bold types can mix and match this purely current look!
Our fall 2022 jubilee colors:
  •  champagne blonde
  •  golden chestnut
  •  Saffron Copper
  •  burnt caramel copper
  •  Iridescent chocolate brown
  •  Cherry brandy
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