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Dream hair is now possible thanks to the GEEwig™, whatever the type of head or hair. Our revolutionary concept is offered in six basic colors and two lengths. This 100% natural hair, of superior quality, allows you to perform, if necessary, cutting and coloring in order to perfectly match your new extension to your hairstyle.

Another unique feature is the design of its resistant mesh base which perfectly hugs the back of the head and of which only three clips are necessary to integrate it into your hair, thus allowing simple and easy installation unlike...unlike other extensions available on the market, making GEEwig™ an upgrade to anything in the hair industry.

Whether you dream of long and abundant hair every day or simply a change of look for an evening, the GEEwig™ is for you!

The GEEwig:

  • A piece supported by only 3 clips, mounted on a light and comfortable net that molds perfectly to the back of your head. The GEEwig™ gives you all the versatility you need for a star look
  • Prerequisites for having a GEEwig™: A mid-nape length is required because the hair falls over the GEEwig™. Even if you have fine hair, the GEEwig™ is recommended because its three clips are comfortable and even allow your natural hair to grow back.
  • Hair type: The GEEwig™ is made from 100% grade A human hair.
  • Hair quality: The GEEwig™ is handmade in Canada with 100% natural human hair
  • Cost: Starting at $450
  • Procedure: Make an appointment in one of the salons certified by Gaël Betts Concepts Inc., you can try the GEEwig™ on site and have special attention with a trained professional who will advise you. In 2 hours everything is done! One appointment.
  • Cut and color: Can be tinted and cut as needed to match your hair perfectly.
  • Maintenance: Wash your GEEwig™ by hand with the same products you use for your hair. Your work platform allows you to do all the hairstyles you want with your own styling tools, such as brushes, dryers, flat irons, curling irons, etc.

Lifespan: The GEEwig™ lasts for years.

Other extensions:

  • Sewn, glued with polymer, or keratin, braided, woven, multi-clips and finally the half-wig.
  • Prerequisites for installing permanent extensions: You must have fairly thick hair because the strands are supported by your hair and when you remove it, you will only be left with small, fine and damaged hair.
  • Hair type: Indian, Chinese, Asian.
  • Hair quality: Synthetic, semi-natural and 100% natural.
  • Cost: Extensions vary, depending on the quality, between $300 to $2 (half head or full head).
  • Procedure: To use these extensions you must make an appointment which is often difficult to obtain because the hairdresser must count from 4 to 10 hours (on average) for a complete head.
    (Can be done in 2 appointments)
  • Cutting and coloring: The coloring on these extensions must be done a few days before the installation because the duration of this one is already a few hours. The cut is done after the installation.
  • Maintenance: These extensions require special brushes with synthetic fibres. When brushing, hold the locks by the extensions so as not to take them off. Some extensions can be curled or straightened, it all depends on the quality of the hair. Do not approach heated irons within 10 cm of the scalp. A routine visit is necessary approximately every three to six weeks (extra charge, often hourly rate) to check the condition of each lock.

Lifespan: They are worn for about 3 to 6 months maximum.

In order to properly inform and advise you on the purchase of our extension products, we strongly encourage you to use our free consultation service. It will be our pleasure to accompany you in your purchase so as to optimize your new hair.

Do you want to mix different shades to personalize your hair? No problem, we can gladly make your dream come true. For all color mixes, please request a consultation with our expert Eve first. Eve will be able to advise you and direct you with professionalism in your purchase and make sure to offer you hair worthy of a red carpet.

For a free consultation, book your appointment right here:


Handmade by an elite Montreal hairdresser Mr. Gaël Betts.

Please allow 8-10 business days for receipt of your order.

The GEEWIG HAIR EXTENSION by Gaël Betts is a unique and non-exchangeable, non-refundable product. This quality accessory will allow you to instantly add length and volume to your hair.

We invite you to take the time to choose the product that meets your needs before finalizing your purchase, because once the purchase has been made, it cannot be exchanged or refunded. If you have any questions or doubts regarding our products, do not hesitate to contact us, our team will be happy to help you.

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