CLAYTON SHAGAL - Cleansing Gel Lotion
CLAYTON SHAGAL - Lotion Cleansing Gel This gel cleanses, tones, removes make-up in addition to being an excellent shaving gel. The alcohol-free formula effectively removes impurities from the face, neck and eyes. The skin is refreshed, soothed...
From $47.99
CLAYTON SHAGAL - Purifying Cleansing Gel
CLAYTON SHAGAL - Purifying Cleansing Gel BENEFITS: Deeply cleanses the skin and eliminates impurities Tightens and dislodges dirt and sebum from the ostia (skin pores) Regulates excessive sebum secretion without causing a...
From $51.99
CLAYTON SHAGAL - Cleansing Milk
CLAYTON SHAGAL - Cleansing Milk This milk gently removes make-up and cleanses the skin. The formula composed of cocoa butter, vitamin E and glycerin is suitable for irritated and dehydrated skin. The creamy texture leaves none...
Reversa Clock - Youth Perfecting Cream 50g - Pur Dharma
• Improves skin elasticity and tone • Powerful antioxidants • Contains natural hyaluronic acid • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles Ingredients from organic farming. TEXTURE: light and smooth cream
CLAYTON SHAGAL - Cucumber and Avocado Mask
CLAYTON SHAGAL - Cucumber and Avocado Mask Clayton Shagal's Cucumber and Avocado Mask deeply hydrates and provides the nutrients needed for smooth, soft and supple skin. Avocado, cucumber and sweet almond oil nourish, soothe and...
THAT SO - Anti-Aging Night Cream
THAT SO - Anti-Aging Night Cream Take advantage of the targeted action of the Anti-Aging Infusion Night Cream for smoother skin! That'so uses the technology of the Anti-Aging Plumping Drone for a personalized treatment with a rich texture...
THAT SO - Anti-Aging Day Cream
THAT SO - Anti-Aging Day Cream Discover the action of the Cosmetic Drone with incredible results!The Anti-Aging Infusion Day Cream is a treatment with specific action that slows down the aging process and visibly reduces wrinkles.Antioxidant properties, ...
THAT SO - Illuminating night cream
THAT SO - Illuminating Night Cream Give your skin the nourishing action it needs with this innovative night cream!Light Infusion Night Cream is a cream containing numerous active ingredients to promote...
THAT SO - Illuminating day cream
THAT SO - Illuminating day cream Offer your skin protection and well-being with the Light Infusion day cream! The light texture of this day cream makes it a particularly pleasant treatment. The complex of precious almond oils...
THAT SO - Cleansing milk
THAT SO - Cleansing milk Discover our latest product: a soft and silky emulsion for gentle cleansing of the face.The presence of precious oils of argan and rosehip combined with panthenol and vitamins A - C -...
THAT SO - Tonic face lotion
THAT SO - Facial tonic lotion The presence of selected extracts of rose, cucumber, blueberry and witch hazel, combined with hyaluronic acid and natural moisturizing factors, makes this toner a valuable ally in your routine beauty. routine...
Correcta Skin - Sensitive and/or reactive skin cream 50g - Pur Dharma
Daily treatment for sensitive skin Light and moisturizing cream INDICATIONS: • Nourishes• Soothes• Powerful antibacterial• Softens the skinTEXTURE: light cream.
Maskfolia - Exfoliator/mask 2 in 1 with bamboo extract and Manicouaga clay 60g - Pur Dharma
The vegan and organic Manicouagan clay mask dries in less than 5 minutes, eliminating the impurities that accumulate in order to revive dull skin. The skin becomes immediately and incredibly soft with a feeling of freshness....
Smootha Skin - Purifying foam with organic green tea and activated charcoal 150ml - Pur Dharma
Smootha Skin Purifying Foam with Organic Green Tea and Activated Charcoal Detoxifies, Deep Cleanses, Stimulates Microcirculation, Delicate Peppermint Scent.
CLAYTON SHAGAL - AHA Exfoliating Mask
CLAYTON SHAGAL - AAH Exfoliating Mask DESCRIPTION: This mask exfoliates without irritating to reveal an even complexion and smooth skin. The formula is particularly suitable for mature and sensitive skin since it helps regenerate the cells of the epidermis...
CLAYTON SHAGAL - Hydrating Mask
CLAYTON SHAGAL - Hydrating Mask This mask deeply hydrates thanks to ingredients such as alanine, aspartic acid and fructose. Its creamy texture softens, plumps and smoothes the skin. This treatment is suitable for sensitive, irritated and very dry skin. FEATURES...
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